Words of a Sage, Voice of a Hick

The ask

I know, I’ve totally been MIA for the last month, but things in life have gotten interesting. I’ve started playing music again, changed some plans, started a new job, my best friend from my childhood neighborhood came back, and my computer broke… Life, am I right? But I found myself again at a computer at my school, and I decided to throw down a few thoughts.

My best friend at my new job is a spitfire. She has short hair, bright fuchsia pink, tattoos of beautiful sentiment up and down her arms, usually wearing some ragged denim jacket with the sleeves cut off, and she’s amazing. She recently started me on her favorite book  series, Chaos Walking.

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A Cup of Tea


Ok. I’ll admit it. I love tea. Personally I blame my mother. She lived in the south of France for some time when she was younger, and after dinner everyone would have a smoke a drink. She did neither. So she ended up drinking tea. Growing up if I had eaten too much she had the perfect herbal tea. ( We always had a couple plants growing on the porch to brew anyway, mints, verveine etc.) Couldn’t sleep? She had  a tea for that too. As I grew older I came to appreciate the ancient practice of tea brewing. Continue reading

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Higher powers…and an apology

Wow. I did not think that I would end up posting twice in two days…but I guess the long weekend has got lots of things rattling around in my head.

Ok. First, the apology. I went back and read my last post…the one about friends. Man, that was poorly written. So an apology for everyone that had to muddle through it, and a huge thanks to everyone that read it and decided to actually like it. I promise I will at least proofread from here on out. I really did just spew thoughts.

Today is Easter Sunday. Yes, it’s a time for colored eggs and lots of those chocolate covered marshmallows. And I mean a lot. Continue reading

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Friends? Or just people we know?

So I was scrolling through facebook in my perhaps sad nightly ritual of attempting to catch up on the lives of people from my life. I came across a picture that had been shared and it went something roughly like this: ” I don’t have a lot of friends. I just know a lot of people.” I thought about this for a little bit and came to a conclusion. This is horrendously sad.

As I’ve grown older I’ve found that it becomes substantially harder to keep in touch with those you care about. Continue reading

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A new road

Hi. I’m Joseph. I have been thinking a lot and decided to start a little place to gather my thoughts. This is going to primarily be a place where I write the things I’ve been thinking about with regards to the world, I’m a university student majoring in International Relations, so I’ll probably make a fair amount of commentary on world affairs…but also trying to make it as a college kid, relationships, and life in general. If any of that sounds interesting…then welcome to the wild ride.

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